Perunding Ikatan
    14-2, Jalan PJS 10/2
    Subang Indah
    46100, Petaling Jaya
    Selangor D.E.

    Tel: 603 5633 9868
           603 5633 7982

    Fax: 603 5633 2757



    Perunding Ikatan was established in 1991 by the principal of the firm, Ir. Ellias
    Saidin The firm offers Consultancy Services in Building Design, Civil
    Engineering, Structural Engineering, Foundations, Environmental Engineering
    including Feasibility Studies and Project Management.

    The company has been steadily expanding its business in providing
    Engineering Consultancy services to the government and private sector.
    Clients from the government have included Ministry of Defense, Ministry of
    Culture, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and others.

    Our corporate clients includes Public Listed Companies, Banks, Major Oil
    Corporations such as Petronas, ExxonMobil, Shell, Caltex, BP, Petrom,etc.
    Housing Developers, Design and Build Contractors, and private organisations
    and individuals are also part of our clients.

    Located in Subang Indah, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Perunding Ikatan provides
    services to clients  nationwide and internationally.

    The company maintains a medium size, highly skilled and motivated staff
    headed by a team of professionals. Latest engineering computer programs are
    utilized to produce cost effective solutions in a project.



the Firm.

Ir Ellias Saidin
B Eng (Tasmania),
M.Env. Eng.(UPM),
P. Eng., FIEM., ASEAN Eng

Head of Civil Engineering
Ir Zainuddin Sulaiman
B. Eng.(UTM),
P.Eng., MIEM

Head of Structural
Ir Ariffin Osman
B. Eng.(Strathglyde),
P. Eng. ,MIEM

Head of Design and
Ir Kamarul Bahrin Mohd Ali
B Eng.(UKM),
P. Eng., MIEM